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Organizing Closet


If you want to make your space functional, you need to know what you use the most. That might be easy to figure out, or it might take some thought and observation of your daily habits. If you wear jewelry each day, it doesn’t make sense to throw all your jewelry into a cluttered box in a corner of the closet, forcing you to search and dig for minutes each morning. Instead, put the things you use the most in visible, easy-to-reach spaces that you can keep well-organized.

Use Organizers and Labels

Whether you use plastic drawers, totes, shoe-sized boxes in hanging racks, or some other form of organizers, they can be a life-saver for keeping your things decluttered

Don’t Just Pile up Odd Items

Rather than just throwing oddly-shaped items like yoga mats or purses into piles, come up with functional and pretty storage options. Decorative trash cans or umbrella stands can be great options for longer items, and shower curtain hooks can create pretty hanging systems for purses or scarves.

Maximize Vertical Space

No matter what the storage in your closet looks like, you can always create more space. If you have a scarcity of shelf space, hanging racks, shoe racks, and other portable options can be installed and used to create more storage space. If you need more hanging space, portable racks are an excellent choice. Custom closet organizers in Atlanta can help you find solutions that work for your individual needs.